In the fields

I think one of the things I miss the most about being over here is having my own home/garden to get stuck into. I thrive on seeing the results of my work.

So when the opportunity to help in the fields came up we were there. Admittedly helping with a one year old in tow probably isn’t actually classed as helping, but the kiwi in me knew what would. Pikelets and jam for smoko (ha translate that into Italian)

Needless to say we had a great time

IMG_6603This was half way through, we only stayed for a few rows. (Someone needs to learn how to walk and they won’t find the ground so scratchy.)


What amazed me is that the big ones are sorted into top grade, the small perfect tasty little gems we pay a fortune for at Christmas go into the rabbit feed crate. Lucky bunnies. Perhaps not, it is to fatten them.


Check, smoko perched in the shade of the grapes.


It’s a race baby

I should of learnt by now that the things that you worry about are never the things that eventuate, perhaps they don’t  because you have thought about them, anyway. I was so worried that Luca would still be sick for the weekend, not handle being in the pits for long periods of time, not sleep and be generally grumpy.

Ha, how wrong I was, this little champ took it all in his stride. The first two nights we were sharing a room with him but were pleasantly surprised by an 8am sleep in. First day of racing he slept in the car for 2 hours, through a thunder storm. (No good for Justin doing his run). Luca loved having everyone around and constant attention, he crawled around in the gravel getting himself into all sorts of states, played with tools, attempted to clean the tent with a bucket and brush and just generally had a great time.


Justin didn’t have the best weekend of racing but it was so good to be there and support him where we could. Check out the link to some pretty cool photos from the racing.,9191/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2 (check out slides 17 & 18)
We had the pleasure of catching up with some fellow Leov’s who were over on holiday and Luca loved seeing the two boys. He even waded in a near glacial stream to hang out with them, although he wasn’t so convinced to actually swim with Tom. 

Luca loved the racing, waiting at the finish line in sweltering heat on his mummy mule and getting to see Dad on the podium, despite finishing 12th for the weekend, Justin still retained the lead for the series.


Luca has already learnt how to keep his poker face under media scrutiny


Sweltering mummy mule


Luca even managed to assist with some interviews, although I am not sure how much assisting he was doing when attempting to eat the microphone.


Poor Justin then had to do the big drive home, and we rolled in around 2.30am. It has been a massive day of washing, unpacking, repacking and organising as he is out to America for three weeks tomorrow. Unfortunately we will miss him terribly but Luca and I plan to take ourselves out for lunch in Nice as a distraction.

Little meat head

Well the little man is still a fungi and growing so quickly. Unfortunately he is teething at the moment but is being a trooper through it all. He has taken to swimming with great delight and even had time to flirt with one of the other little girls in his class last week. Typical boy, splashing her in the face. He is crawling so quickly, pulling himself up on everything and anything, including the windows much to my delight, given I just cleaned them. He has even taken a few rather shaky moments not holding onto anything, but he gets so distracted beaming about it that he falls over. That child will be running just in time for our adventure to Italy in June! There have been a few occasions where clearly he has said Mama, but I think it has been more fluke than intentional. He is a right little motor mouth when he wants to be and it is the sweetest sound. The other day we were out in the backpack and I couldn’t help but notice the similarity of him and a May Gibbs, gumnut baby, what do you think? (Sungglepot or cuddle pie?)


He has managed to get his first sponsorship deal (not really) Adidas Eyewear were so kind and sent him out the cutest pair of shoes. They are so handy and stay on which is a miracle, plus he looks like a bit of a dude in them.


Since we moved in we haven’t had the television connected, which has been great, I haven’t missed it at all.  Hardly deprived by this, Luca has found other appliances in the house which can provide just as much entertainment.


(I just need to train him to load and hang it)

Pretty much he is just cruising along like the happy little man that he is, if not a wee bit of a meat head at times


(he put and kept the ham on there for quite a while)


On the move

Well it was inevitable but it has still come as a shock, Luca is now a proficient commando crawler. He mastered the art and speed last week and there is not going back now. The more alarming part is I have now seen him climbing up on things and trying to stand. Surely these things are meant to be a slowly refined process not an all in one hit. I don’t know if I can face a running child yet. Lucky for him I think he is terribly cute doing it so I don’t mind too much. Swimming lessons start this week so I am sure he will be diving from the high board by May. IMG_5062

Merry Christmas

Well here we are nearly at the New Year with Christmas but a food stuffed memory behind us. We had an amazing day which we made a point of keeping as stress free as possible. A beautiful breakfast cooked for us, which was a divine gift in itself. Followed by an epic family lunch at our house. It was so nice to be able to share our home and check out the Florida room doing its thing in the baking sun. One of the best thing about the indoor outdoor flow seemed to be the ability for the water bombs to travel freely!

Justin, Luca the dogs and I then went on a family mission into the wilderness to check out a new hunting spot. This was the most brilliant contrast of our day. From the full hustle of Christmas to the complete isolation of being off the beaten track. It was an amazing day and of course Mr Luca was far too cute and absolutely spoilt!!




Key points from Christmas
-There is always too much food
-Havoc ham is amazing
-The wrapping paper is still the best gift for a baby
-Kids make Christmas awesome!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and safe travels x

Organised chaos

Well at least I am trying to convince myself we are living in organised chaos. I have been frantically unpacking, as this time of year means lots of wonderful visitors. If I don’t get it done straight away I’m sure it will get parked on the ‘to do one day, never’ list.
Luca seems to be settled in and thriving with the warm weather. Another tooth made is presence known this week and he is steaming through the solids. The lucky boy has been appreciating the summer fruits and it’s been cool to see him and Justin sharing their love of food.



I have found ways of getting stuff done with him in tow and he is usually pretty cooperative. We have even managed to put palings on the fence, clean the windows and plant some herbs. Although my back is a little worse for wear, that child isn’t light.


All in all it’s life as usual, I’m just in denial it is Christmas this week!!

Jabs, jaws & jumping jacks

Well this week was a big one for Master Leov. He hit 5 months old (WHAT, how did that happen so quickly?) part of that right of passage was his immunisations. Given two days early because I hate recall so much I don’t want any other nurse to be having to do it. He attended his first wedding reception and was very well behaved, he even hung with the band for a bit out the back before their gig (what a rock star). His first tooth cut through (here’s hoping it stays up) and he turned into the prolific roly-poly machine. I think the endless rolling is more to do with his fabulous size which means once he starts he can’t stop. The food consumption is not abating thank goodness, and he has, today mastered the raspberry. Usually with a mouthful of brilliantly staining banana!

Ok so not quite jumping jacks, but not far from them!


Stop growing

How does time go so quickly? I do not know what happened to my tiny little new-born baby, I now have a very alert, active and terribly cute (I am unashamedly biased) little baby boy. Actually he is not so little he is a bit of a tank, but that is a good thing. He is now a roly-poly, laughing and grabbing little dude. It’s like he just wakes up some days and his brain has kicked into gear over night and he just has a new skill. I wish mine did that!

This weekend saw him try baby rice for the first time, and just like his dad he inhaled the whole lot. IMG_4473

Despite the unsure facial features on this photo of the second trial of rice, I get the feeling we won’t be having too many issues with food and this little man! Although nothing is given and I don’t want to live to regret saying that, so time will tell.