Where does one being?

Well it has been four months at our new property and I don’t think we have stopped for air since we arrived and I definitely haven’t stopped to blog.


The barn conversion was completed in time and my 50 calves arrived in staggered deliveries. They are now happily enjoying the lush growth we have after such a wet spring. Even better is the fact that I have managed to sell them all. The added job for Justin was the completion of a 800m long fence to keep the calves out of the newly planted 28ha of pine trees. No small undertaking for a man fairly fresh to fencing.

The hut is up an running and has seen guests nearly every other week since it opened in September. I am getting so much satisfaction sharing our little slice of paradise with the guests and hopefully giving them a beautiful and relaxing space to enjoy.  We even managed to feature in the Marlborough Express, although this was more about Justin’s retirement.


I have inherited a garden which is an incredible feat in the sense that this was rocky pasture and is now a haven of trees bringing in the native birds. The valley weather is fairly harsh, colder in winter and hotter and exceptionally dry in summer. So the planting previously done here reflects the climate, unfortunately for me that means not a large abundance of flowers. I am slowly making a change to that and softening a lot of the garden up but I need to keep in mind that this is a long term project, not overnight. The other element to battle is rabbits and our chickens, they are very free range at the moment and love the taste of roses. I envisioned a beautiful wild, productive cottage garden and yet I have the reality of how it actually looks. I call it red cabbage housing. IMG_5890

The weekend just passed, saw a very productive dig day up on the hill. The first third of the initial downhill track has been cut in which is huge progress from some very dedicated people and one days work. There has been work already and we have a working Cross Country (XC) track which Luca has enjoyed testing out and giving feedback on. IMG_5708

This weekend acted as a kick in the bum for me to get the upstairs of the barn converted for accommodation. It sounds like we are going to have track builders and visitors all summer. I possibly was decorating more in theme with the Taylor Pass Hut and not in keeping with the decor wishes of our guests. But you know what, my barn my decor.


In amongst this all I do find sometime to look after my gorgeous little poppets who are just the best helpers, most of the time. Luca is asserting his project management skill and showing excellent capabilities as a role delegator. Miss A is just doing all she can to keep up with him which means a toilet trained little girl before the age of two, Woo Hoo.


The house has seen some colour changes since we arrived including new curtains in the lounge/dining/kitchen area. Terracotta is not my first choice, contrary to what the latest house and garden may say about it being the in colour. In typical keeping with me I haven’t followed any logic and have made white linen curtains. Not sure how long they will stay white!

I have also repainted the weather board sections on the exterior of the house. It was a mixture of ‘earth’ tones which I previously referred to as ‘poo brown’. It is now ‘Cod Grey’ which is much to my liking but unfortunately not so high on my husbands favourites. Oh well I definitely didn’t offer to repaint the house once it was done.


Ok so that is a flying commentary on my world for the last four month. Hopefully things will settle down a little, but with Christmas looming and the hut booking up I don’t see that happening any time soon.

If you want to see more of the hut you can follow me on all the obligatory social media tools….




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