I find myself every morning waking eager to open the curtains. This not only reveals the very dramatic, rural view out the window it also jogs my memory of the jobs to do for the day.
Like always we want a million things done and all of them completed yesterday.

The move itself went without any dramatic events and we even managed to get in before torrential rain the next day. I have had a few people ask how do you do it by yourself? The simple answer is I didn’t. I had a lot of help and the movers now seem like extended family we move so frequently. My biggest solo achievement was loading up the ewes and goat into the trailer and chickens into a box for the animal drop off.  I have said it before but there is something about chickens that freaks me out. I think it’s the dinosaur feet. Apart from some rather random laying and roosting all animals have settled in well.

Justin arrived back into the country 2 weeks after the move (lucky bugger) in time for Luca’s 3rd birthday. Those of you who know me, know my love of baking and birthdays is the ultimate! This years request was under the sea.

With Justin home it was all systems go to get things as sorted as possible in the time he had before flying out again. There are a couple of significant timeframes looming over us. I have 50 calves arriving this month and with no sheds or shelter is was pressure on to get a user/animal friendly set up. We are nearly there. If I was a calf I think I’d like to spend a couple of weeks in here before graduating to the paddock. It turns our that 20m3 of sawdust is quite a lot, especially when the pile is looming over you and your insignificant shovel. 
The other upcoming event is the opening of the Taylor Pass Hut (previously Grantham Glamping). I’ll allocate a whole post to this, although not completed it’s getting closer and guest ready.

Then there are the general jobs that need doing. Pest control, getting the animals settled, meeting the locals and putting our touch on things.

The plant in the last photo was pulled out with the digger and will be replaced with some slightly more friendly and less aggressive plants. I have probably broken some terrible gardening rule, but that thing had to go!

Then there is the view, this is from the hill face looking back towards the house (which you can’t actually see but is to the left). The hill which I took this from is currently being replanted in pine trees and as soon as Justin is home the mountain bike tracks will be underway.

Lucky that Justin is home next week because the list of ‘to do’s’ is growing by the day. Although I have found myself quite happy to muck in a do it myself, in the 4 weeks that he has been gone I have made the nesting box shown above, made a shelter for the lambs, made a unit for a sink and bench to sit on in the calf barn and I am currently resewing the curtains. Everyone is entitled to their own colour preferences, unfortunately for me, a room of terracotta curtains is not my first colour pick.



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