Take brace positions 

Take brace positions this is really happening.

The sale has confirmed we have the red sticker to prove it and I have the beautiful bottle of champagne to toast to it, cheers for that Andy!

The hut has been loaded and is now nestled in its new home. That sentence makes it sound so straight forward but it was far more hair raising and tense than its simple delivery. Some trees were sacrificed in the name of its new home but nothing that won’t grow back. September is rapidly approaching so as soon as we are in I will get the finishing touches underway outside.

And the view from the bed makes it all worth it. While in there “setting up” last weekend I took a moment to rest on the bed. All I could hear was the river trickling past (not in a toilet inducing way)  the birds singing and feel the sun sneaking in the door to warm my toes, it was bliss.

The move happens this week and conveniently so does the next round of the EWS. Justin flew out to the South of France this morning. A day later than scheduled due to small people sharing their tummy bug. All I can say is thank goodness he didn’t come down with it on the plane!

So it’s the week of countdowns, Luca’s last week as a two year old and our last week in this home. There are so many good people/animals in this valley and we will miss some of them so much. Luckily its only Blenheim and nothing is that far away really.


Luca’s daily visit to Hugo

A rather odd request but if anyone knows of a Donkey looking for a new home, sweet Hugo here has lost his buddy and is rather lonely in his big paddock.

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