The snowball effect 

This week I found myself mortified in the New World car park. I thought I was unseen until a woman shouted 

“Woo go sister that was agile”. 

It all started months ago, in the space of one week we filed 3 insurance claims. The companies must love us and our premiums. Firstly Luca tried to clean my beautiful and fairly new black truck… with stones. Needless to say it was not black, suave or sophisticated with scratch graffiti down one door panel. 
Miss A then kindly posted some paper, an apple, my Apple (iPhone) and a wooden block down the toilet. I tried the rice in the bag but this little baby wasn’t coming back. So the next claim was filed. Then while out on a training ride for the first time ever Justin’s phone fell out his pocket and smashed on the ground. 3 claims one expensive week. 

Anyway the car was booked in to be repaired and I felt terribly ‘Merivale soccer mum’ when I was given a lovely new white Land Cruiser Prado to drive around in for the week. Unfortunately the kids were sick this week so I only took it out once. Which  leads me to the moral support of a stranger. 

I was treating myself, I handed the kids over and went to the super market alone. (Clearly the standard of treating myself had slipped slightly but needs must for a solo mum). In my purse I had the car keys, but it was keyless entry so I simply opened the top portion of the back window (you can open the window or door) and placed the groceries in the boot. I then neatly threw my wallet through the car onto the front seat, shut the window and walked to the drivers door to get in. 

The door was locked. How could it be locked everything is meant to open when I touch the magic button. Turns out not when you touch the window button. I went back to boot, surely a car that had all the bells and whistles and could probably fly to Saturn if pressed would have an unlock button in the back door panel. Nope, no button. I couldn’t open the boot door I could only open the window. Luckily my fear of this truck being scratched had meant I had parked far away from the door denting riff raff. What else was there to do but sneak a quick look around. As elegantly as one can I then clambered up the back of the truck, through the window, over the groceries and then car seats, did a spider like minouver to get my legs through to the drivers seat and then opened the door. That is when I heard the shout from the car closest to me (but at least 5 parks away). 

“Woo go sister that was agile”. 

“Thanks, no one was meant to see that”. I promptly replied while trying to hide my scarlet face and elegantly get back in my soccer mum beast. Ha yeah right. 
I was very pleased to pick up my truck with very heavily tinted windows today. No one need see my clambering over the seats in that! 

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