It won’t take long….

Well here we are nearly 6 months down the track and we are still waiting for confirmation on our house sale. We have a contract on our current place and a contract on the property we want to buy, but everything takes time. I am NOT a patient person and when we listed our house we assured ourselves it would happen within the month or two. This has left me feeling fairly lacklustre on my projects around the place but we should know within the next few weeks.

In the mean time to keep life busy we have been up to all the usual escapades, the children are relentlessly amusing and keeping me on my toes with Justin away.
He is currently in Ireland for the next EWS round, after a fantastic comeback race in Madeira where he finished 14th. This was comeback following the Flu and then Pneumonia at the race prior in Tasmania. Things can only get better for the season I hope!
Since my last post it seems like I have done a lot of one off things;

-I have been a bridesmaid for one of my best friends from High School

-I went to the races and won fashion in the field (my disclaimer on this is a Sunday afternoon in Blenheim doesn’t really inspire high fashion, more clean track pants and Ugg boots)

-I had my mum up to celebrate her birthday

– I completed the St Clair half marathon

-I also found myself last week apologising to strangers. I was leaving the Police station after an educational talk one evening. I was completely in my own bubble only to have it suddenly burst when I missed a step at the entranceway and flew face first onto the footpath. As I scrambled up to my hands and knees, a very kind foreign couple ran to my assistance. I dusted off my palms, checked my bleeding knee and ripped jeans, I then saw how this must look to them. 9.30pm on a Tuesday night this couple sweetly went to get an ice cream from McDonalds when as they are walking past the police station, I come flying out the door and sprawl onto the footpath. The first words out of my mouth were not gratitude for their kind assistance but more an assertive (and I am sure possibly unconvincing) statement given what they had seen,

“I am sober”. (which I was)

I then thanked them kindly and limped away to my car. Well that was embarrassing!


Here I am sober and upright

The kids are just awesome and constantly cracking me up. They have now (finally) started to play together, the peace is short lived but very sweet.

I figured that the best way to tempt fate and get the sale confirmed was to get into my vegetable garden and plant out all my winter brassicas. So far it hasn’t worked but the slugs have enjoyed it.

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