Children keep you grounded

Clearly when this phrase was first dictated it was misheard or has been misquoted over time. I think It was meant to be children will put you in the ground sooner due to stress.

I my case it is more one child in particular, my darling Luca. I have said from the get go that I am fairly chilled out when it comes to children bumping, spilling and learning from experience but there have been some situations lately which have gone too far. My first case and point, Justin and I were hanging a gate in the barn (get how I just throw that farming terminology in there since this is now a fairly regular occurrence, I could get more technical and say on the gudgeons but that is just showing off) when we hear the little patter of feet. Except these weren’t behind us on the ground they were on the roof of the calf shed, a probably 1.8m off the ground (blue arrow on the left). We both looked at each other puzzled and carried on until we heard them louder and coming towards us. Luca had climbed onto the top of the 3m high barn and was running around on top. This in itself is unsettling to say the least, but Justin and I at the same time realised that the power connection is very low on the shed (arrow on the right). Needless to say Justin’s sprint training came into effect and Luca was very promptly removed from the roof. We both have no idea how he got up there in the first place.



The second was a horrible experience I NEVER want to repeat, I was loading Annabella into the car and came back inside to find Luca with an empty bottle of Paracetamol in his hand, all over his face, body and bed. When I asked how much he had drunk his very smug reply was “lots mummy”. He was promptly bundled into the car and taken to ED to be checked out. Poor Justin was on his leisurely way to a race, when he got the hysterical phone call from ‘the worst mother in the world’ to inform him he needed to meet me at ED. We are so fortunate that all was fine and nothing came of it, but my goodness it scared the life out of me.

Clearly two healthy, happy babies here

So to help make sure that all is safe around here I figured that the more eyes on the children the better so we have had the Canyon Factory Racing Enduro team staying. It worked well for them too, as the first round of the Enduro World Series are in Rotorua next weekend and there was the NZ Enduro here in Blenheim last weekend. Justin raced the first day but unfortunately had to miss the rest as he broke the capsule on his knuckle in a crash. The upside is that this is all healed now and he is on his way North for race prep. The visitors meant that the Shepherds hut has had its first official guests, which went very well. We borrowed a brilliant pop up camper to house two more riders and the rest were fitted into the house. With all the extra people around the house the children thought it was great and they were solely here for their own benefit, entertainment and transport.





I have also seen in my 30th birthday, I am pleased to announce that this year did not see me cleaning up poo from the walls and writing a song about it (see blog entry February 13th 2016).  So like any good mother trying to keep up with it all I got on Printrest and had the beautiful visions of how my Al Fresco party would be in the orchard, think festoon lights, blankets, low tables and dappled sunlight. Unfortunately in the most drought prone area we had a rainy weekend. Justin’s Aunt and Uncle kindly spared us the woodshed and it worked out perfectly. I had such a great night and was surrounded by the most wonderful people, food and conversation. Although given my distinguished age it was a fairly mild night and I had to put my feet up by the end of it.

Just to make sure I wasn’t too full of myself this week Luca has brought me down a peg or two, while driving in the car and doing my best Adele impersonation  (I don’t really want to put this out there but I think I may be better than the real thing)  Luca piped up from the back with no mercy in his voice and said

“Mummy why are you making a hurting noise?”

Well what can you say to that?






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