The world has gone mad 

I need to get this off my chest, the world is ridiculous. If we have to cater to the lowest common denominator there is no hope for us.

Last week I thought I would be proactive and get some more ink for my printer before it runs out. Not a hard task or request…. so I thought.

Picture this; I manage to pawn the children off for an hour to work through a list of jobs, ploughing my way through I run into the stationary store and search for ages to find the right numbers for our ink cartridges. (Why do they have to make so many bloody options, I want ink that fits and makes things look pretty when I hit print).

The very helpful and kind man comes up after 5 minutes and asks

“how can I help?”

I was possibly already feeling cynical at this stage as I wanted to reply

“I want a kitten thats why I’m looking at ink cartridges”.

But luckily I held it in and said the printer number that I needed the cartridges for. He toddled off to look it up on the computer, which he informed me would take 5 minutes to warm up. (What is it 1990?)

By the time he came back proudly to tell me the numbers I needed I had already  found them, but alas they only had cyan and yellow, no magenta or black. So he said he would go and get some for me. He came back smiling sweetly to inform me that the cartridges that I needed were stored on the shelves above the stand and unfortunately they had a ladder ban from 11am to 4pm and could I please come back then.

Sure, I would love to come back then and let my children run free in your store mixing up all the stupid numbered cartridges and running up and down ladders only to jump off them. Or alternatively you could stock the shelves before your ‘ladder ban’ comes into place.

Turns out it doesn’t pay to be proactive if you want to keep your sanity.

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