Failing on my non resolution

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I put them in the same camp as fad diets. Seem like a great idea, all systems go and hell bent on making it happen them blah day two came about and it gets postponed for later. So it is very fortuitous that I did NOT make a New Years resolution to get better at updating Sun and Wonder. I may have considered it briefly and thought it a good idea, but I didn’t say it out loud and so it was never real. There, now that I have that off my chest I don’t need to feel guilty for failing on the New Years resolution that I never set.

On a brighter front all systems are go in our household. I dread the day that I actually have time to update this and say nothing has happened.

Key points

-Our house is on the market…. it could be yours

To say I am pleased with how this old girl is looking is an understatement.I am sad at the thought of leaving but as Justin pointed out I didn’t want to move here in the first place.


-If the universe is in our favour and all works out, the next property is bigger and has SO many projects I don’t even know where to begin. Set up my shepherds hut for glamping, replant the forestry, build mountain bike tracks, subdivide the existing house, build a new one, establish a custom built mounting biking facility and accommodation, rear animals just to name a few

-Justin is overseas already getting ready for the coming season, the first round of EWS will kick off in Rotorua in March and that will be here in a blink. I find myself even more proud than usual watching him race at home.

-The Hut, oh what a bitter sweet love it is. Unfortunately we were sold an overpriced, under built product. Fortunately Justin is exceptionally skilled so already the hut is a shadow of its former self and will withstand the test of time. It will have its first guests staying in a couple of weeks and although I loved the painting I am really enjoying the titivating.

-Miss A turned One. It is so cliche but how did that happen? My little baby girl is no longer a baby but a drunken-walking/wobbling assertive little poppet. img_2020

She is so independent we decided not to wait the 20 years and gave her a key to the house already (the poor thing doesn’t know it won’t be the right key soon).img_2036

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