Seasons Greeting 

Merry Christmas and Seasons greeting to you.  Here is where I would love to insert a beautiful natural picture capturing the essence of our family at this joyous time of year…. I don’t have that (clearly you haven’t  spent much time at our place to think we could get one). 

But here are the kids halfway through unwrapping their gifts. 

Life doesn’t seem to be slowing down, if anything it is speeding up at the moment. Justin is in the guts of intensive training for the coming season, although we have him around for a month which is brilliant.

The animals are all growing rapidly and the grass is drying out with the delightful light/gale force Marlborough breeezes. Our pigs are very noisey and rather intimidating if they are hungry (porky little nippers). The calves are self sufficient, although some still come in for a scratch and cuddle, this is slightly intimidating the larger they get. The sheep are well overdue to be shorn but my arms feel tired just thinking about doing it, luckily they probably won’t have to (thanks Justin). 

If you are travelling, be safe, if you are celebrating, do it in style and remember to be nice it is only for a short while every year. Merry Christmas from our little funny farm x 
I’ll update on the Shepherds Hut soon. 

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