Oh hi there

Dropped off the radar for a while there but we’re still keeping busy and have lots of updates. I am surrounded by sleeping babies in the back of the car on the long and winding drive from Dunedin to Blenheim. Not a drive to be undertaken lightly with two small people in tow. We were down for Justin’s racing, the children were a delight at the finish line but I’m not so sure they helped with the race prep. 

A huge thank you to all the lovely messages following the recent quake. I was so touched by the generous offers of support and care. We got off so lightly compared to others, the flying furniture missed Justin and Annabella and the shelves needed decluttering. 

The odd circular marine looking creature creeping out the kitchen is my now deceased Komboucha scoby. Not a giant jellyfish.

We have been plodding along on the farm, the calves are weaned but still keen for a scratch, Eddi the lamb is like a big fluffy cloud on skinny little legs. Justin’s latest animal shelter acquisition has been some gorgeous piglets. As always more planting, pruning and general tidying up. 

My latest exciting work in progress is the development of a glamping site in our orchard. Imagine waking up to native bird call, dappled sunlight and the romantic setting of a artisan crafted shepherds hut set amongst the vineyards. The hut is nearly completed and on its arrival following some titivating we hope to have ‘Grantham Glamping’ up and running for the New Year. 

Summer is here, well I probably wouldn’t claim that given we are still in Dunedin but further north we have had a taste of the sunshine to come. 

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