The running of the calves

I sit here looking out the window and it has been one of those incredible Spring days, we have had waves of epic sunshine followed by fierce fronts of rain and wind. Clearly the animals are loving the lush long grass and still night. I can feel four sets of eyes peeking through the fence at me and the calves are running about like little beasts possessed. This is rather annoying because I had shut them in for the night but clearly didn’t check all the gate latches (my largest PA has a tendency of undoing them for me).


That is Eddi lamb front and for most making sure I get her good side

This week has been a brute, I had the moment that I anticipate all year (possibly more than Christmas, possibly) Justin returning home at the end of the season. The poor thing had a very disappointing ending to his season caused by a mechanical issue. However surely that is all his bad luck out of the way and 2017 can only bring some podium time! I digress, Justin returning home was my absolute highlight, unfortunately the excitement was just too much for some and Luca promptly went down with an ear infection and Miss A and I followed suit with a stinking head cold. My delusional Brady Bunch episodes of a family reunited have been dashed by no sleep, fevers, sick babies, no sleep, reactions to medications and oh yeah no sleep (can you tell that ones getting to me a little).

Thank goodness he got home when he did, not only is his company great it has been a godsend having him around to help out with the animals. Although I have found myself very attached to my larger fur baby brood and like my children I have convinced myself that no one can do it quite as well as I can (Ha).

This week presented an awesome eye opening learning opportunity, I went to a calf sale. Now for some that is a non exciting regular event, however I had absolutely no idea what to expect. To detract from the large bags under my eyes I put on the obligatory red lipstick…possibly a step to far. Walking through shitty corridors between pens and watching cows poo their way across a scale is possibly  not the most appropriate place to apply the lippy. But it was great to get an idea of the whole process and see how big those beasts get.

I have another project on the go and hope to have updates coming soon so watch this space…..

Otherwise sickness aside, Spring is amazing I have loved the transformation around here and the flowers are blowing my mind a little. Not sure what is growing faster the grass or the children

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