What have we created? 

Luca is a very strong willed and cheeky monkey. His language and imagination are fantastic, when it’s not being directed at you. 

Me “Luca where is your sock?”

Luca “An armadillo opened the door and stole one”.


Luca “where is my plate?”

Me “I cleared the table and it’s in the kitchen”

Luca “bring it back with a honey and a marmite cracker on it”. 


Me “Luca go to sleep it’s night time”

Luca “no mum it’s not, the sun is still up” 

Me in my head; well you have me there technically, but how the heck do you explain daylight savings to a 2 year old

Me “Luca go to sleep its night time”

Luca “not until the sun does”


Me “Luca, I love you so much, you’re awesome”

Luca “I lub icecream”.

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