Dropped off the radar

Well we are still here just rather busy and slack at updating this currently. 

My last month in bullet points 

– Justin finished his race in 10th position (pretty darn good for a comeback race)

– Travel home from Canada was breezy 

– Recovery post travel was terrible 

– I got a Lamb and named her Eddi (think Ab Fab) as the only bottle I had to feed her from was a wine bottle (not as a result of the terrible post travel recovery honest)

– Trying out my hand as a calf rearer, those big brown eyes melt my heart everyday

– I’m flying solo mama for a month while Justin is racing in the last two rounds of the EWS in Europe 

– Usual manic house jobs that I’m undertaking such as gardening, painting re curtaining. 

– It’s spring and I LOVE IT

– Luca talks non stop and sweetly answers my absent minded mutterings 

– Miss A is such a little live wire

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