Rolling with it

Here we are at the tail end of our Canadian adventure/race (for Justin) already. Well it has been an eye opener that’s for sure. Firstly Justin is going great and ready for race day tomorrow. Things are a lot brighter than they were earlier in the week. It turns out that small children, professional race teams and rented apartments are a tricky thing to juggle. 

This week saw the children and I make a move into the village so that Justin could get enough sleep and time with the team, while the children had some of their own space. Don’t get me wrong everyone was very accommodating but little people are such spontaneous little beings that they don’t understand the logistics of racing. This week they have been sick and proven not to really understand the necessity of sleep either, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

We have been taking things pretty quietly although making sure we are getting out to enjoy the scenery and fantastic weather (the last few days). 

As the race has been getting closer there have been more awesome people around and it has been so nice to have time hanging out with friends. Yesterday we hiked up the beautiful Joffre Lakes. Wow she is a good climb with babies on board but so worth it! 

We have also seen several squirrels which I think I was more excited to see than Luca! The playground has proven to be our local haunt and the lake a close second. 

Luca has been very interested in the toad migration from lake to forest. You could miss the toads quite easily, they are tiny, but the signs and allocated toad assistants (people with plastic gloves and jars) are another thing all together! 

All we can do now is wait for the racing to start tomorrow! 

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