Howdy Canada

Welcome to the land of maple, bears and unnecessary gestures. The flight was a pleasant surprise, if you prepare for the worst and hope for the best you can’t go too wrong. Luckily we were at the closer end of good all things considered. The children slept, smiled and sat as still as they can. Luca couldn’t believe that he had gone from no TV screen at home to his own infront of him. The hardest part was the drive from Vancouver to Whistler, but luckily it’s not too far. It’s  just rather unfortunate that this was the first time to meet Justin’s team manager and neither small passengers were feeling too friendly. 

Once we got here it has been non stop, a two year old jet lagged monster has reared his head occasionally but that is so minimal, we have been lucky. On reflection this Whistler is so differnt to my last trip. Previously I couldn’t have told you that there is a massive playground, that there are ramps everywhere for pushchairs (doubles at that) to get up and most stores and coffee shops do not fit them. There will be no late nights out here, no long days in the sun by the lake or casually wandering around. There will be however, the pleasure of exploring a new environment through a young child’s perspective. 

We have seen our first bear family, two cubs snoozing up a tree and mama bear casually prowling at the trunk. Luca was fairly casual about it all. He was possibly more excited about the deer and fawn which ran out next to us at a set of traffic lights. This response was encouraged by Justin’s utter trill at seeing them. 

It goes without saying that Luca has got a bit of a taste for bikes after seeing them everywhere. 

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