Leaving on a jet plane 

The plan was to head back to Italy this year, however, after Justin’s rough run with Glandular Fever we decided it probably wasn’t the most productive use of time and funds. So as a compromise to get out of winter and get the little people abroad we are heading to Whistler, Canada, this week to watch Justin race in the next round of the EWS, his first race back. My it has come up so quickly, I can’t believe we go this week! One of the most exciting parts, Justin gets to share the pleasure of long haul flying with children this time. I like to think I’d give most things a go but flying by with littlies myself isn’t very high on my list! 

Prior to departure life has been pretty busy as usual, getting things sorted. I treated myself to a new oven as the last one was rather touch and go what worked. The new beast is AMAZING and Justin has continued his brilliant handy man skills in installing the required its and pieces! He hadn’t even complained about crawling through he horrible rat poo roof space.  

This is what I had

Mid process 

And now


I should have put a bet on that Miss A would be crawling by the time we flew and sure enough this week she nailed the commando crawl and cut two teeth. Good to see that she is ticking all the mile stones, possibly a little too promptly for my liking though. 

Some of you may ask re the Amber necklace. I’m not a new age hippie mum but if they even offer a hint of relief for teething as they are supposed to, they are my friend. How they work… Magic and moon beams, plus the dragon scales I mix into her milk. 

The garden is looking sad, I won’t be sharing a photo of that at present, as 5 feathered fowls got in and ate all my cabbages, broccoli leaves and cauliflowers. An upside is my transplanted artichokes seem to have taken and radishes and beans are popping up. Luca is fairly good at transporting the rogue chickens for me, I’m not so keen on their flappy wings and dinosaur feet 

I’ll keep you posted on the adventures our travels! 

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