Measurable outcomes

Well there is no end of jobs to be done, the list never gets smaller just more complicated, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked back through photos from just over a year ago when we moved into the house and the differences outside now.


The other measurable outcome has been how quickly two years has passed. The start of the month meant Lucas second birthday. So we puzzled for a while and then realised what else do you give a VERY adventurous two year old for a present? The Marlborough Mega Fort of course.  This is total credit to Justin and his amazing skills! Plus assistance from one very cute helper.

This year saw a slightly more low key birthday celebration for the wee man, but still no less effort into the cake. No teddy bears picnic this year, Luca was explicit in his cake request and it was no surprise that it revolved around machinery.


Annabella didn’t seem to mind putting on her party hat and celebrating her brothers birthday.



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