The two little poppets

The two little monkeys in our house just seem to be getting cuter by the day. Luca is hilarious at the moment with his speech developing. 

I have had a long standing issue against the Armadillos in our house the poor things get the blame for all minor issues such as, lost keys, missing socks, empty packets in the pantry etc. 

So I laughed so hard the other day when Pops came to visit and Luca heard the noise on the front porch. I asked 

“What is that?” 

He promptly replied “a pink Armadillo”. 

This in itself was amusing but what was even funnier was the sweet child pronouncing it “I’m a diddle”. 

We now have chased all Imadiddles/Armadillos outside, but have the occasional activity from them. 

Otherwise he is the typical, brilliant, fearless, nearly two (where on earth has that time gone?) year old boy. 

Fearless but meeting workplace Health and Safety requirements

Miss A is just the sweetest little poppet and is now 5 months. The teeth made their grizzly presence known but have now submerged for the time being. She is giving this crawling business her all and doesn’t look too far off cracking it. Give me strength when that happens! 

Cuddles with her gorgeous big cousin

Other than that it’s life as usual on the funny farm 

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