Mini adventure

Well I haven’t spent longer than an hour in Kaikoura since I was about 5, when I think I spent one night there. It has always been a transit stop, good coffee and more recently a nappy change and feed venue. That is until last weekend. I met Mum and a friend there, we rented a very plush book-a-bach (for non kiwis that’s a rental holiday home). It was more like book-a-house the place was near new. 

We spent the weekend exploring the beautiful beaches and treasures on offer. Actually we hardly touched the tip of the iceberg as small children don’t really allow for unplanned hiking adventures but we took in a lot. Our first evening we went down to the beach and spotted some very sweet seal pups surrounded by tourists taking photos. It was picturesque and peaceful until Luca in a very clear and loud voice shouted “GET IN THE WATER SEAL”, much to the amusement of those around us.  The next day was a good one, even the sky was happy to see us. 

We headed up the road to check out the sweetest seal pup pre school. Luca was transfixed yet rather unsure. There were literally hundreds of seal pups playing in the water and bush and just a handful of mums observing the chaos. Think public pool on the first day of school holidays. 

We then carried on for a lovely lunchtime picnic in South Bay, enjoying the unseasonably warm autumn weather. 

The company was great, scenery magical and food fantastic. We had delicious fish and chips from Coopers Catch, the grilled Gurnard was cooked to perfection and pizzas from my favourite, Black Rabbit. I can’t speak highly enough of that little seaside town only just down the road! Luca was pretty proud to tout his new words he learnt on the way home too, 

‘Fish guts’ and ‘magnificent’ or at least an attempt at it. 

The only down side was my poor timing, I missed seeing lovely friends up in Marlborough for he St Clair half marathon. I’ll just have to make sure I participate next year to rectify that. 

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