Well that’s a bit s*#!

We are so fortunate for the life that we have. I am really appreciative of all that we have achieved but sometimes life has this uncanny ability to throw you a curve ball. I have been a bit slack on posts lately and that is not due to nothing to post about, quite the opposite. 

Firstly and most pressingly Justin found out he managed to pick up Glandular Fever. All kissing jokes aside this has massive implications for his season. He is still a while off being able to train let alone consider racing. While it is fantastic having him around its not quite on the terms I or he would choose. The poor man is going a bit stir crazy with the quiet time but is getting into the swing of the lunchtime nap thing when the kids go gown. This is my productive time! 

I have nearly 50 trees arriving tomorrow so have been studiously digging, while Luca has been studiously filling the holes in behind me. The lawns is sown and if you hold your head on an angle, do a handstand and squint your eyes you can see a bit of green. I also decided that now is a good time to repaint the bathroom. Repaint is a strong word, this is more a rough and ready dulux 5 minute paint over the current dark colours. This is how it stands currently 

It is blue and green and grimey. As we have the smallest toilet the dark green makes it like sitting inside an olive when you are in there. 

This is how I imagine the finished product will come out 

Oh no wait that’s once we build a new house. (And yes for those of you Instagram savvy people, I do follow Pumpkin the Raccoon). 

The little people in our house are amazing, despite every tantrum or grizzle being blamed on possible glandular fever. Annabella is proud as punch because she can roll over and is already trying to pull up to crawl. I was hoping for a blob baby so am not terribly impressed with this. 

The mark on her nose is from a piece of wood her brother kindly shared. 

Luca is a little parrot and his favourite terms at the moment are 

“Work mummy”

“No way” and my favourite 

“Happy Boirday” the number of birthdays that child has given me I must be nearly 50 already! 

Forrest is just the same. 

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