Change without knowing 

Well there are changes going on around here! The area with  path which I pulled out has now been rotary hoed and had its first few rounds of levelling and hours of back breaking raking. We perfect the gate surfing method to level the ground, that is Justin towing and me surfing on the gate. The second garden is ready to be sown. 

That snowballed slightly in the size of the job, over the weekend I had the bright idea to ‘just tidy up the flaxes’. Ha that is better said than done to flaxes which look like they were planted twenty years ago and then abandoned. Anyway it’s is now tidy, 3 meters into the undergrowth I found an original railway sleeper border which looks like it is being held together by spiderwebs, but it’s all good. I’m still harvesting treats from my garden despite the first frosts hitting hard.  

Annabella is 3 months already, how does that go so fast! It feels like yesterday and forever ago I was impatient to have her! I’m already sad at the thought Luca is 2 so soon, he pretty much will have his license next month. 

 I surprised myself today with the amount that I have changed without noticing (perhaps I did but chose to ignore it). I planted some flowers around the house to fill in the empty garden but some cheeky begger has been pulling them out and leaving them strewn around to taunt me. First I suspected Luca, but no, he just sweetly grabs the whole plant out in an attempt to pick flowers and then gives them to me. 

Next I thought the chickens but unless they are jumping the fence in and out before I notice them it seemed unlikely, plus why go flowers when you can have veggies. Well my pondering were solved today. It’s a flock of a dozen magpies brazenly wreaking havoc on the front lawn. What shocked me was having seen this, before I knew it I had the air rifle lined up out the window to teach them a lesson. Where has this barbaric red neck woman come from? I used to be all wall planners, high heels and breakfast meetings, now I’m …. I don’t even know what it is. 

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