This weeks number is the number 5 and the letter F

You sit there all smug in the middle between 1 and 10 with your round bum. There used to be a time when we were friends, the clock hands would slowly edge around to you and I would quietly pack up my work for the day and walk out the door. The times I saw you in the morning were by choice and I was happy with that. 

All of that has changed, you and I are now enemies. At night you now represent the beginning of the end, tired hungry little people seem to know when your presence is looming. 

But in the morning you are just mean. Right on que your appearance on the clock face is paired with “mummy up, mummy up, MUMMY UP!”. How do you do that? Do you call out to him on your way to my clock? Don’t get me started on your little friend 4 that is a whole other story! 

I have a feeling you and I will become well acquainted again this week. I guess it’s not your fault, I could blame day light savings. 

It’s just that once he gets going for the day there is no going back. 
Oh you probably guessed what the F is for


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