Sisters are doing it for themselves 

While Justin is working his way through the first few rounds of racing post injury, I have found myself a new hobby. Breaking up and removing concrete, woo hoo. 

The poor family who spent a small fortune putting in concrete paths and edges would be disappointed to see them being broken up and removed by a sledge hammer wielding me. 

My first project was the area outside our dining area and kitchen. Originally there was a path to the wool shed, which ran between what would have been a beautiful garden and lawn. The shed has long since been removed and the remains of the garden were mowed by my dearly beloved when we moved in. So we now had a path to a fence through the middle of a collection of green plants we call lawn. 


Pre attack, ‘lawn’ on left, garden lawn on right

So it struck me in the middle of the night why not rip the path out and re sow the lawn. Then while we are at it with a rotary-hoe it makes sense to flatten another reclaimed ‘lawn’ garden. 


Lawn claimed garden, early in the attack

There is something gratifying about swinging a sledge hammer being very pleasantly surprised how impressive the bang is and the watching the concrete crack. Despite very quickly realising that my Thor like swings were not the cause of the impressive bangs, it was the gas guns protecting our neighbouring grapes from birds. Anyway I persevered and managed to break it all, over load it onto the back of Justin’s truck and then off load it all.  

Don’t worry darling the suspension works


Less one path


Luca showing the correct technique


Filled and ready to rock and roll


All ready to be ripped up

 Sometimes logic doesn’t prevail, it took me a surprisingly long time to realise I could break the very large and heavy pieces into smaller, lighter ones.  However it was perfectly logical that Luca and I would do this on our own, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! 

That theory applies to these two

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