Going up, going down 

I will deny it is any reflection of my intelligence but the thing I like most about the Sunday paper is the going up and going down section. I have a few of my own this week. 

Going up: 

Rain- it’s awesome, if somewhat troublesome in large quantities 

Radio NZ (National program) – despite Justin’s belief it’s old persons radio, I love having it on as the background for my day 

Home made hot cross buns -need I say more 
Going down:

Easy peel packaging – you lie it’s not easy peel. If you we honest and printed: very fiddley, small and difficult to open corner here, it would probably work because it would take up enough space you could actually hold the tab. This dislike also applies to ‘safety seals’ on milk. If they are not leaking, they are impossible to remove

Cheap chocolate Easter eggs – nasty

People who take car parks designated for the tired and frazzled mother with a child on each hip. Shame on you (that is code for: I hope my laser glare blows all your tires and you get a big bird poo on your windscreen when the wiper fluid is empty) 

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