Bitter sweet season

Well we have reached that bitter sweet time of year, when Autumn starts the cool down here, while the ski fields and mountains of the Northern Hemisphere begin their Spring thaw. That means one thing, race season. On the weekend we did what seems to be a fairly routine family outing to the airport, this time it was to drop Justin off and send him on his merry way to South America. He will start with the first round of the Enduro World Series (EWS) in Chile, followed by the second in Argentina. Ok so technically it’s still the Southern Hemisphere but he will head North for the other rounds.

This photo isn’t as heart breaking when I say it was actually taken when Justin came home last and Luca was waiting to greet him.

You would think that after nearly 12 years of saying goodbye and him going off to race it would be a fairly low key goodbye but it always sucks. In my head  there is an emotional roller coaster of thoughts like, please don’t go, can’t we have a normal life, people already think I’m lying when I say I have a husband, your leaving me with two children this time?  But I am always cheered up by the thought of what might the season bring, is this a podium finish that you are flying off to? Also this year it’s the added excitement of racing with a new team.

Luca clearly decided that he was going with Daddy

One thing I have learnt in our prolific goodbyes is to keep it short and sweet and having two children surely helps with that. The prospect of sitting at the airport for half an hour waiting to say goodbye is easier to avoid. Like a band aid rip it off quickly.

There are a couple of things that will be guaranteed to happen while Justin is away, the mice have already come back and I have disposed of one, the drains will block and I will take on lots of projects to help time pass quickly. Today saw me transplanting Tree Lucern, fixing the shelter in the dog run and stacking various stray gates around the farm. My focus is on transitioning a old neglected garden into a native haven for birds, oh yeah and looking after two little munchkins.

But any way, I will keep on, keeping on and let’s see what the season holds. One thing I do know is that we will be waiting at home cheering.

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