Good farm boy 

Now our little block is a token farm but you need gumboots all the same. Some of you will know the bone of contention that my Hunter Wellingtons caused between Justin and I. 

I am the first to admit they are pretty, townie gumboots, more suited to wearing to the farmers market (prior to them loosing their high gloss finish whilst pouring concrete) than hard outdoor work. However, I love them and will continue to enjoy them for some time yet. Luca is taking after his father and is more on the practical side. 

Pull up to any farm in NZ which has children and you will see an ascending size line up of Red Band gumboots. We have now taken our first step to joining that. 

It turns out Luca is more than just a bit of a fan of his boots, they have been nearly permanently joined to his feet since they came home. They are worn in the garden, in the car, in town, for naps, with pyjamas, with smart clothes but mostly with nothing except a hat (one can never be too sun conscious). He has learnt that they must be taken off at the door and is fairly fixed in this being the front door. Which means if he comes through any other door in the house he will run through the house to remove his boots at the front. Not that I am complaining about his consistency, perhaps we just need to work on adapting a little bit. 


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