Life skills

If I ever have to leave this idyllic life that I am currently living and check back into the corporate rat race I will need to update my C.V. 

It will now list within my attributes the terribly mundane things like I am a great communicator, I appreciate the individual skills that people bring to their roles blah blah blah yawn. With new exciting skills like I grow an amazing vegetable garden (as rated by me), I am talented in the art of pickle making and bottling and I am followed around my property by a flock of chickens, goats, sheep, cows and children. These additions possibly may not result in me actually getting any jobs, but it’s good to give a clear insight into who is being interviewed. 

My harvest on one day, I possibly need to get my quantities right. 

This I have tried my first attempt at bottling artichoke hearts so I’m waiting to see how they turn out. I was also on good stead with sun drying tomatoes, until the sun went away, not cool. They may now have to be labeled as partially sun dried tomatoes. I will share the method and recipe if things are successful. I have also taken to freezing veggies for later in the winter, so far spinach, corn and courgette are all tucked away for another day. I blanched the corn and courgette but never bother with spinach, wash it, chop it and stick it in a snap lock bag, yum. 


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