The curious case of Luca Button

I have never actually read or seen Benjamin Button but I have always thought it an enchanting title. 

Luca is currently suffering from a night time enchantment. He is normally so good at bed time to the point of occasionally asking for milk and then hopping into bed independently. So this latest change has had us both scratching our heads and laughing. 

We follow the same bed time routine of bath, story, snuggles and bed with Snowy. Occasionally we hear him quietly pottering around in his room once we have shut the door but that never bothers us if he is quiet, until recently.

Lately when I go to check on him I never know quite what I’m in to find…. 

It could be this (too cute)

Or this 

(Horsing around perhaps)  
Some quiet reading to wind down perhaps   
Maybe it’s a little hide and seek sleeping (scattered around that bed is also his PJ’s and nappy)

Or a pass out while playing nap

But the best/worst was this week.. 

There were so many toys in the bed he had to resort to the chair 

Is this showing some terrible adjustment to Annabellas arrival, does he have some deep psychological need I’m not meeting as a parent, is the hot nights or full moon? Who would know but I’m going with ‘it’s just a phase’. 

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