Flying solo 

I have a long standing issue that I’m not ashamed to admit, when I am sleep deprived and don’t have Justin home to reign me in I go a little bit crazy. This usually presents itself in manic projects I undertake. It got a little out of control while we lived in Dunedin, were renovating our house and I was doing shift work. I would decide at some rediculous hour it was a good idea to paint the hall, spare room or lounge. Anyway this week has been my first week as a solo mum of two, it has seen me painting the new fence we have just had put up in the driveway. Unfortunately it has so far proven a great climbing frame for Luca and doesn’t look like it will last too long at keeping him in.  


Check painting assistant enter stage right

It looks like we need some horses now 

At one point while trying to paint I found myself surrounded by Luca smearing himself against the wet rails and coming away covered in black paint, the two lambs (now very rotund sheep sized) chasing the two dogs and Forrest chewing on the buttons of my top. No wonder it’s a slightly patchy job in places. 

I then decided it was also a good idea to repaint our bedroom. Since moving in the sky blue has been calling to me that the 90’s are long gone and it’s time to touch it up. Although the wallpaper and frieze were in great nick they were not my first colour choices for a bedroom. It turns out you can’t buy tasteful friezes anymore, the only options they had came in a wallpaper book titled ‘dolls house paper’. Hmmmm. I used my problem solving skills and found a wallpaper I could easily cut into the right width strips and paste up. It turns it that trying to hang a frieze by yourself is a little tricky especially when a baby starts crying and your up to the middle of the wall. This room would get some harsh feedback if it was on a dream home reality show, but luckily we aren’t and it is only for a couple of years.
The pre makeover colours

And post

  I have been pleasantly surprised at my first week as a solo mum, although shouldn’t consider myself too clever I have been offered and given so much help and plenty of people do it with far less. I also need to remember this is week one of many many more. Apart from Colic (which I never had a true appreciation for how crap it is) all is going well and I have two gorgeous little people! 

I once worked with a brilliant nurse who said she used to want to wake her boys up from their sleeps so she could play with them. I now appreciate and understand this far better. Although would only consider it about 60% of the time, the rest of the time I’ve got projects to get on with. 


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