Early days

Well how do you begin to describe when your world has been dramatically shifted for the better? Pre Annabella I was nervous, how could the new baby live up to Luca? But I can say that she is her own person and the two of them just make things twice as good. 

We got home the day after Annabella was born and have hit the ground running. With the combination of her being a chilled out little bundle of cuteness and the help of family it has been smooth sailing (So far that can change, but long may it last). She is starting to show similarities  to Luca in some regard but she is much finer in her facial features, those chubby cheeks aren’t present yet, she also has very long skinny fingers and feet, not inherited from me (I have sausage small hands). 

Luca is adapting to not being the centre of attention, but I do think that it is such a massive shift for him it will take some time. He is so big all of a sudden he can talk, talk back, run full noise. Last night I went to put him to bed and felt so awkward carrying such a massive lump. He has taken to lying on the floor next to Annabella and kissing her which is the most heart melting sight. He has also taken to imitating her which includes dribbling and then insisting that only a Muzzie can wipe it up. Our recent warmer weather has allowed for some epic paddling pool/sandpit sessions!

Annabella is growing like a trooper and becoming more and more alert. The sleep or broken sleep is going ok and it’s not as bad as I remember. Although, I have graduated from sting eye to grit eye. It is amazing how recently I went through all of this with Luca yet I can hardly remember some things. Isn’t the human mind fantastic at lulling us into faded and rose tinted memories. 


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