Literarure amendment 

All recently published literature regarding pregnancy emphasises the importance of the mother making smart food choices and keeping away from foods which may cause food poisoning. I think as with most things the more you read the more neurotic you could become. My philosophy is everything in moderation with some level of common sense should see you through. Plus second time around I have been more relaxed, (nothing was stopping my sushi and coffee this time)

However, I would like to make an amendment to the information given to women, it should have a foot note which reads: Do not allow your husband or birth partner to consume potentially dangerous foods in the last weeks of your pregnancy, as caring for someone with food poisoning is a very undesirable activity for heavily pregnant women. 

Poor Justin…. One bad choice…. Chicken salad from a cafe. It resulted in one very unromantic and long anniversary night, one day of misery and juggling Luca to keep away from Daddy and dreaded Friday night visit to after hours. But the staff were amazing in both after hours and ED. A couple of bags of fluid and some IV anti nausea medication and Justin was almost smiling again. 

It proved a great timing run for getting to the hospital for when we need it. I did have to chuckle at the irony of spending hours by Justin’s side gently rubbing his back and murmuring words of encouragement. Oh how those roles will change so soon. Thank goodness the little lady is still happy in her bubble for now. 

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