Seasons greetings

Well that time of year to over indulge, relax, unwind, celebrate and reflect is upon us. Last year our life has been its usual whirlwind of changes and challenges, I would be delusional to say that this year will be any different. We are planning to follow Juston overseas again and I’m keeping openly optimistic as to how that will go with two children under two in tow. 

We have started working on the plans for our new house although are debating renovation vs rebuild. One thing I do know is this little farm feels like home at the moment, so it’s not going on the market this week. The menagerie will grow I am sure and I’m hoping to add some highland cattle to the mix at some stage. The goat has been downgraded from coat to yoke and the Lambs are no longer cute when they come bounding up, rather somewhat intimidating. 

Christmas and New Years celebrations were very relaxed in our house. We have had lots of brilliant time with family and Luca has been spoilt rotten! He is, as always a million miles and hour and picking up new words everyday. ‘Tractor’ is still the favourite word while his big cousin Isla is the bees knees and he has loved having her visiting! Clearly he found some time to relax, unwind and entertain us on Christmas Day  

(The bottle was drained dry prior to his attempts)  

  (Bubble blowing)

Justin and I saw the new year in appreciating the precious sleep that we are currently getting, given that it will be all changed in a couple of weeks. However 2016 has just started with me being given I piece of cake and coffee in bed, I think this bodes very, very well for the year to come! (I don’t ever eat cake in bed this is the first time honest) 

Take care and I hope you all have a chance to relax and unwind. 



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