The big boy bed

Luca has been a climber for a while, tables, chairs, shelves, fences you name it. Last week it was climbing to the top shelf of a below bench cupboard, after emptying out absolutely everything.This week he added cots to his repertoire, I knew it must of been coming but of course he tested it out while we were out of town and he was in his portacot. I was enjoying 5 minutes peace in the shower after putting him to bed, when in walks a slightly sheepish but clearly proud Luca. 

The trick continued for all of our time away and then on returning home he started the first day back with a bang, literally jumping out. This has subsequently resulted in the move to ‘the big boy bed’. So far, touch wood, it is going ok. My theory (delusion) is we might be able to have some sense of normality with it before the new baby arrives. I have taken the hard road though and put a lock on the outside of the door, hopefully that will come off soon. I feel so zoo keepery at night locking up my rogue claiming baby. I guess just add to to the night time list chickens, goat, dogs, Luca. 

In the weekend we celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary which was a beautiful lunch and gathering of people. I find it such an amazing and inspirational achievement and one they should be very proud of! It’s not easy or straightforward but all you had to do was see the people there and their connections to each other to know it is worth it. 

Otherwise life here is just pre Christmas bustle, actually I think we are having usual life bustle, it just happens to be pre Christmas. Luca’s Italian Aunty and Uncle and staying which is is awesome and hopefully he is picking up some correctly pronunced words instead of my attempts. 

Justin is riding more and more and on track for recovery and fitness (not that I would expect anything less), while I feel as if I am rapidly expanding and more uncomfortable by the day. But it’s a price worth paying and will be over before we know it, then I’ll be complaining that I miss being pregnant. (You can’t win). 


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