Life is plodding along

Well it is countdown time of year, Christmas, New Years, visitors and oh yeah a baby. How does it all go by so quickly. The other day someone pointed out it has been a year since we were getting ready to move into our ‘new house’. Ha that feels like a lifetime ago! 

Same chaos with us different day, Justin is on the rapid road to recovery, he is back hunting which makes one very happy man and on the bike too so double win. Luca recovered from the pox and it turns out simultaneously hand, foot and mouth. At least he has taken them both on and dominated them (that’s what we encourage baby). He is running around like a maniac and talking back, there is no going back to quiet and still now.

(He’s a fun guy) 

Forrest the goat is growing rapidly, has made that transition from terribly cute baby to frustrating teenager, eating my raspberries and roses. As a result is being weaned and has moved out of the garden and into the paddock (hard life), clearly he still gets to hang out in the swing chair from time to time. 
My vegetable garden has taken shape and I am so excited to be harvesting from it. I have found myself just sitting and watching it at night. Perhaps we should get a tv? 

Another week and another fire up here, it is a very grim looking summer. This was my view when I got home on Thursday.  There fortunately a valley and river between us and it, but it’s still horrible to see. 

(That is smoke not cloud) 


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