In the weekend I had the privilege of attending a very dear friends wedding in Auckland. This also happened to be the opportunity to take my first trip/night without Luca before the next baby comes along. Well the idea of a night in a hotel in a ‘big’ city lapping up the luxury just sounded too good to be true and as the week before I left progressed it seemed it was. 

Luca came down with Chickenpox on Tuesday and he wasn’t a happy camper. Regular baths with baking soda and chamomile oil, pain relief and lots of snuggly cuddles saw him through, but my goodness talk about mothers guilt at the thought of leaving him! However I took the hardline and left my little peepo in his daddy’s capable care, I tried to keep the pesky check up calls to a minimum (not sure how I went on that one) and Luca had a blast hanging out with Dad, Nan and Pops. I think he was a little disappointed come Monday when it was only me again. 

The wedding was beautiful and I am so pleased I got to share in it. It was fun to do a wonder woman turn around in 20 minutes after checking into my hotel to head straight back out for the wedding. I also got to catch up with old school friends, funnily enough we were all at the sober pregnant table. I guess it’s that time of life. 

Sunday morning was planned out to be a luxurious lie in bed and then meeting a friend for breakfast. Natural instinct was to wake at 6 but I had a cup of tea in bed and read my book….bliss. The friend I was meeting had her son the day after Luca and their second is due a couple of weeks before our next baby, talk about similar timing. As I sauntered down Queen Street towards Britomart I have to admit I was a little disappointed, that part of town has no soul. Arriving a bit early I picked out a couple of cafe potentials and was gladly anticipating my morning coffee hit. However it appears that two pregnant women and a toddler are not an appealing option for these upmarket cafes. When asked if they had a high chair a total look of disgust crossed the waitresses face and her response was “none of our restaurants have them”. 

Now I appreciate that people want a quiet leisurely start to their day but seriously people go to Italy and see how kids are a central part of any restaurant. I often handed Luca over to the staff while eating and he was carried around to meet everyone. 

We then managed to find a partially child friendly cafe which didn’t have high hairs but did have stools to perch on outside. Following this the morning just improved, I didn’t realise it was the dreaded Santa parade and so they were gradually closing off streets. This meant that on returning to the car of the friend I had met, there was none, it had been towed. We would have been a sight to behold two pregnant mamas and a baby with no car, no car seat, her partner at work and unable to help and the offer of her hopping in with the tow truck to go and collect her car. We politely declined, however also found out that taxi companies need 24 hours notice to have car seats available. Anyway we got things sorted in the end and I then went off to the post wedding briar, which was delicious. 

It was a great weekend and so good to catch up with people but I have to say, Auckland, you can keep it, I was very pleased to get off that plane and back to the familiar.  


As a side note more people need to wear hats to weddings, I was the only hat wearer there. 

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