Life and death

Although part of me feels that I was always meant to have land and animals there are still a lot of things for me to learn. Two weeks ago I was terribly excited to go into town to pick up our latest hens. We had waited until the pullets we wanted were laying and big enough to be added to the older girls. (Do you like my chicken lingo there?). We had done our research and knew that we shouldn’t add them to the coop until the evening so that the other chickens woke up and were more accepting of the new comers. I left the two rather startled new hens in their travelling box on the front porch as I figured they would be safe there, plus we had people coming for dinner which I still had to sort.

Well not even 5 minutes later Justin came running over to the house. Charlie the dog, who I had previously touted as a reformed dog had a taste for Chicken that night. One poor thing had a damaged wing and Charlie was put into instant confinement. Unfortunately the chicken didn’t make it and Charlie is now on very strict management and his future has been very seriously discussed.

The second chicken is still alive and has started to integrate into the flock, although after an introduction like that I don’t expect her to be laying for a while. I guess it is one of those things, as Justin’s parents said “If you have live animals you have dead ones”. But it does make you think on how fine that balance is. As I like to remind myself everyday above ground is a good one.


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