Spring magic

Life on our little piece of paradise is chugging along merrily, I am pleased to report that Forrest is thriving if not a little confused as his place in the family. As he spends a large majority of his time following the dogs around I wouldn’t be surprised if we have him chasing sticks soon. He and Luca have a love hate relationship, I have watched him and Luca climbing onto of tree stumps in the garden and bunting each other off. This is fine while he is small and has no horns (the goat not Luca), where as this isn’t really a behaviour we want to encourage too much in Luca. We have had a run of cooler days and nights so Forrest has taken to wearing a coat when necessary. This is a hand me down from the dogs as they were too fashion conscious to wear it.

IMG_7200 IMG_7098

On a side note our previous goat Curry, did not live up to his namesake. He was adopted by a family down the road from our old house and boy did that goat strike it lucky. He was renamed Jimmy, travels in the back of a car, is regularly walked on a lead, loved dearly by his new owners and has been cleaning up at the local and regional pet days. He may even make an appearance at the A & P show this weekend.

The work in the garden is relentless but progressing, the piles of rubbish are burning down and the trees are doing so well being uncovered from all the creeper and dead branches. All of the roses have started to flower and it is like a surprise each time a new one blooms as to what colour and scent they have. I am not really a rose person but there is something lovely about having fresh flowers from your garden inside, and seeing the colour sprayed around the garden.

IMG_7051 IMG_7217
The elderflower is out and I am delighted that we have two trees on our property so the first batch is bottled and second will be steeping tonight. Not that I can enjoy it with Hendricks gin yet, but soda water will do just fine for a while.


Justin’s recovery is progressing well and he is making significant improvements, he will be back on the bike before we know it.


The other day I was chuckling to myself and how quickly things have changed and how different life is from two years ago. I was sitting in dappled sunlight under our beautiful apple tree in the front lawn with Luca on my knee, Forrest attempting to get up as well, the dogs wandering about, the chickens happily clucking in the garden, while watching Justin doing some work in the garden. Do I miss working a 9-5, the medical emergencies, the political navigation, the spreadsheets and document writing. I miss some of it, I miss the people, feeling that I was working towards the greater good and the sense of achievement.

However, that has been replaced by new things. I am now terribly pleased to have all the animals (human and barn reared) fed and sorted for the day by 8.30am, independently navigating international travel with a small person in tow, seeing how quickly Luca is growing, what we have achieved on our property in such a short time and how much more there is to go is so rewarding. I am learning new skills all the time, it may not be typical project management techniques but it is hands on get in there and get it sorted real life skills and I think those are unmeasurable and invaluable. I collapse into bed at night physically exhausted, questioning my sanity and planning what is next on the list to attack tomorrow. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

IMG_7218 IMG_7219 IMG_7220

Would I trade for what we had, no way, am I looking forward to throwing another baby in the mix and juggling that, yeah bring it on.


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