Into the woods

I have always liked baking and remember a friend once telling me that my kids would have great birthday cakes. Well I tried to not disappoint in the weekend. Now that we are back in the Southern Hemisphere, settled into our new home and it was a long weekend I figured what better time to have a belated birthday party for Luca. All week it showed rain predicted for the weekend, but we were committed. Saturday started off with the usual hiss and a roar that you would expect, the toilet was blocked and not draining, there had been a muck up at the hire place and they didn’t have a industrial BBQ for our little piggy to be cooked in. But fortunately they were all minor details that worked themselves out. The sun came out, the wind kept away (or at least not in full Marlborough Spring  force) and the day was wonderful. The party theme was ‘into the woods’ and Justin had thought I was crazy collecting birds nests and pine cones since we got back into the county. But I had my Pintrest pinboard vision and I knew how I wanted it. 

The cake was not your typical One year old pretty cake, it had a dark side. Three innocent little bears at the picnic, finishing off Goldilocks. The pile of bones was an after thought but it was fun sitting around the table Friday night seeing how good our anatomy modelling was. 

I had so much help from family and friends it made it so much easier and enjoyable. I don’t think Luca will get a party like it again but it was fun to go all out for the first one. 

The wee man loved waddling around everyone, getting fed treats and being the centre of attention. He was also spoilt rotten. 


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