The new little farm

Well it has been over two weeks and my goodness time has gone fast.

I knew we were in for fun and games when I called into the agents for the keys and was handed one, even she admitted that the locksmith probably wouldn’t be able to cut another for us in a hurry. This old girl was originally built in the 1880’s and has had all sorts of additions and renovations throughout its various times.
The move into our house went smoothly, the movers were great. I can’t speak highly enough of their service, it is worth the money to get them in to pack and unpack. Well actually we didn’t have much choice I needed them to assemble all the big furniture there is no way I and one armed Leov could be screwing a 2.5m 5 tonne (slight exaggeration) oak table back together.
To become a justified little farm the first job was to get some animals.  I transformed a shed into a chicken coop much to Justin’s frustration at my limited carpentry skills and strength. We have 4 gorgeous (if you don’t look at their creepy feet) chickens who are laying beautifully, Barbara, Frida, Daphnie and Muriel. Originally we thought they were a bit upset by the move and the occasional dog taste testing their tail feathers. That was until we finally found their hidden nest with 22 little eggy gems hiding in it.
We have got two little lambs named Brookby and Lady Hawkesbury. These two have been a stark reminder on the far more rigorous feeding regime I have coming up in January. Unfortunately they have scabby mouth, which is harmless but had me slightly concerned at the prospect of contracting it. (In my mind I was thinking facial elephantiasis).
They are still terribly cute, all the same. 
IMG_6986 IMG_7004
The garden has been an incredible secret garden mission. From what we can gather originally this was an immaculate garden full of beautiful roses, trees and flowering gems. But, as it’s been rented for the last 5-10 years nothing has really been maintained. The trees are overgrown, the brick edges are lost under grass and weeds and the roses left to go wild.
We have taken out and trimmed so many trees that the pile of rubbish waiting to be burned is taking on its own gravitational pull. Luckily we got a ride on lawn mower and it has been a godsend, Justin has been like a kid at Christmas, everything and anything that might require being carried, towed, mowed or just run over has been hit by the new green beast. Luca has developed a similar fascination and Justin is unable to ride past without him squealing to sit on his knee and help out.
IMG_6941 IMG_6937
Inside the house there has been lots of little jobs just to tweak what is currently here to make it more manageable/family friendly. I have painted the nursery, it was 4 square yellow and now a minty aqua (if there can be such a mix).  The joys of this old house means that you don’t need to be too pedantic about putting picture hooks up, unlike our last house, there are already 5 existing holes in the wall from previous attacks. Needless to say the nesting jokes are coming in thick and fast from Justin.
There is plenty more to do and I will keep the updates on progress coming. Most nights see Justin and I walking the boundary adding to the growing list of things that we want to prune, plant, tidy up and fix. Needless to say this place will be keeping us just how we like it, crazy busy.

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