Post op martyr 


Well I am pleased to report Justin’s surgery went well and he is on the road to recovery. It might still be a few months until he is out on the bike again but that will come up soon enough. Incapacitation due to illness or injury is a bitter pill for any of us to swallow but for a highly active sportsman it is equivalent to indefinite confinement, (read between the lines, caged wild animal). As with most surgery, the first week post op was the hardest to get through, the wonderful combination of pain, adjustment to your body, sleep deprivation and that constant niggling question if you are doing the right thing for your recovery, made for a rocky ride at times. We got through and I am so pleased to say that after this week Justin’s sense of humour has returned. 

ACC offered home help which I declined, although I did find myself wondering why at times. It turns out being mum to a very active baby and full time nurse to a sore husband in a house which isn’t our own (as wonderful and peaceful as it is), is a very tiring job. That is nothing really to complain about, people deal with much harder situations, (harden up princess!)

 But the killer part of this process which had me most nervous was the waking in the night. What on earth are we thinking having another baby? We just got into beautiful full nights of sleep and this brought the cold hard reality crashing back. Luckily Justin didn’t need feeding or changing in the night just beds shifting and pain relief. It took a bit to get Justin to find a comfortable sleeping position, having had 5 shoulder surgeries myself I can sympathise with him. But in the end it was a hilarious princess and the pea set up which he found comfortable. A single mattress on our bed proped up by most of the pillows in the house. It’s lucky I’m not too big yet, otherwise it would never of worked, there wasn’t much room on my side.

Luca has found it rather confusing why he can’t go near Dad or hop into bed in the mornings, but is doing all he can to help with the recovery, such as, moving the electric lazy boy chair, reading to dad and blowing kisses. He has also identified his own need to have a wheat bag to be warmed whenever dad gets one.

 It’s the 10 day check up tomorrow and then our little team of chaos is packing up to head back to Blenheim. We are on the countdown, one week until we move into our house…… Bring on the next projects!! 

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