A little news

I have been rather crafty in my posting of photos of myself in Italy as for a significant amount of my time there I looked like I had been enjoying too many helpings of Gelato, but I am pleased to say that it is not a food baby adding to my waste-line but a real one. Justin and I are expecting a little girl to be joining our tribe in January.


We have had a few little bumps in the road and I had some enlightening experiences in hospital in Italy but we seem to be ticking along nicely at present. On one slightly frazzled emergency visit to the hospital I had the scene from Monty Python, The Machine That Goes Bing running through my head. It was near comical, it was deemed necessary that I needed to be in my bare glory in stirrups for a scan of my abdomen??? joining me was the doctor who spoke minimal english, his assistant, what appeared to be her assistant (who I got the feeling was just more curious of seeing the foreigner), Justin, Luca and Matteo all crammed into a tiny room. (Poor Matteo was thrown into the deep end but was an amazing interpreter and took it all in his stride). But having had one child I learnt pretty quickly that dignity is a thing of the past.

Link to the Machine that goes Ping sketch


Anyway I have lost track of who we have and haven’t told so my sincere apologies if I haven’t let you know in person, I will completely blame pregnancy brain and moving countries and having a broken husband.


Luca is clearly oblivious to his upcoming changes and very excited to be a big brother.

3 thoughts on “A little news

  1. Congratulations to you all on this great news. I hope it all goes smoothly for you now. I hope Justin is on the mend too!
    Are you back in Blenheim now? X
    Thank you for keeping us up to date with your adventures


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