There’s no place like home 

My apologies on dropping off the radar following the dramatic past few posts but just a quick update. 
The flights home went very well, despite feeling like its was 2 days of checking into mama airport mode oblivion. Emirates were fantastic, at one point of the flight Luca had 5 flight attendants entertaining him and finding the best toys from the packs. (That boy knows how to work it already) I then felt so old listening to them taking about when they wanted kids, the average age was 25, which left me wondering how our plane is crewed by a gaggle of beautiful teenagers. 

  Hard work for some

Anyway we landed into Christchurch and it was one of the best feelings to see Justin and my grandparents waiting to greet us. It has taken a bit of adjustment to life back here, especially all the clothes we have to wear. I swore I wouldn’t complain but I’m going back on my word, it is cold here and I am soft. 

Justin has managed to master the one armed carry, as long as Luca tries to stay still. (That is like telling a dog not to wag its tail).

 It is great to be back and watching spring bloom. It has been wonderful to have some time in Christchurch and tying to catch up with everyone. Although there is never enough time and we are on a total flu lock down. Justin is having surgery on Tuesday and God forbid we miss that because of him being sick! Only thing worse than ‘man flu’ is ‘injured, missed my surgery and have man flu’. 

  Luca was so pleased to see the dogs again and took the reigns pretty quickly. 

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