Blink and it changes 

Last night I had the situation I dread the most, the live feed from Justin’s race came up 

Massive news!

Leov is out the race – he’s getting medical attention for a shoulder injury

Well as you can imagine there are plenty of thoughts that run through your head 

-How bad?

-Any blood?

-What happened?

-Where is he now?

-Do I need to book flights?

-Why aren’t we there? 

-Who’s holding his hand?

-How good looking (I mean skilled) are the nurses? 

-Is this the season finished?

-When/how can I tak to him?

-How long is recovery?

And it goes on 

There were plenty of texts fired off to people I knew over there at the race and family at home, thank you to everyone for keeping in touch. The poor possum dislocated his shoulder and has damaged a lot of the ligaments and cup in the joint. This is the same side which has a plated collar bone so at least we know the titanium plates will destroy surrounding structures before giving up. It was a 45 minute walk down the hill before he could have pain relief and an attempt at relocating it. Anyway from that simple crash our world is spinning pretty quickly now. He has an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow and it looks like this Italian summer might be winding up fairly promptly. 

The hardest thing is not being there but that is how it goes sometimes, I have enough here sorting out our trip home to keep me going. So although our life of Italian adventures sounds terribly carefree and frivolous it depends on one key thing, Justin keeping his body in prime condition (that’s not a bad thing for me) and race ready. 

Looks like it will be a bit longer until we see him, a different country that we will be meeting in and another solo mama long haul flight, but as long as he is ok that’s all that counts at the end of it. 

Lucky this brioche eating cheeky monkey keeps us both smiling  


2 thoughts on “Blink and it changes 

  1. Ouch! Sounds like a nasty one for Justin and will create a somewhat large rearrangement of plans for the Sun and Wonder twosome back in Italy. But knowing the Leov crew and their fantastically positive outlook I’m sure you will all bounce back to amazing in no time (ok Justin, your injury sounds like that maybe it’ll be a few months of ‘no time’) – I mean, do you know how many people around the world are sending the three of you healing and comforting thoughts RIGHT NOW! Wishing you nothing but the best. Jude 😘


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