A little bit magic 

In the weekend Gabby took me up into the most beautiful forest, Melogno. Now don’t get me wrong nothing beats New Zealand native bush but this was something different. From the moment we stepped out of the car and noticed the gorgeous temperature drop. It was practically chilly at a cool 30 degrees in the trees in contrast to the 36-40 we have been having at home. (I know it’s cold in NZ at the moment but our house hasn’t gone below 30 inside for a while and the novelty of that wears thin pretty quickly with no air con!) 

Anyway on stepping out of the car it was like something from a fairytale. The forest was a mass of gorgeous tall beech trees and no undergrowth in sight just hills of leaf matter, elegant straight trunks and mossy rocks.  While we were walking I would of been at all surprised to see Robin Hood, a signing squirrel or a character from Princess Bride step out from behind a tree (just quietly a great timeless movie, despite Justin’s disagreement on the matter). 
 The other wonderful thing about the forest was that the track was flat, this is a pleasant relief from the usual hills, especially with an extra 15kg strapped on my back. We managed to see a snake which I nearly stood on, while managing my surprise in a very composed and dignified manner. Ha. The man coming towards us saw himself as a bit of a nature buff and picked it up and started patting it, I was very comfortable in my choice  not to be close enough to partake in this! He then oddly went to throw the snake back into the undergrowth, although he missed slightly and threw it at a tree. All rather strange really. 

Ok not huge but enough for me! 

We then got barked at by one of the little red deer on the way back, now I understand why it is called barking, because this one actually sounded like a dog. 

All in all is was a magical couple of hours wandering around imagining all the things that the forest has seen it it’s time. 

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