The quiet life

Luca and I have just settled into a rhythm of life without Justin.

We have had a couple more missions in the garden which was great to help Gabby plant out some salad goodies. Luca was official water bucket boy and took his job very seriously and had a brilliant time splashing about. Luckily we didn’t pass any locals on the way home from the garden, they would have been horrified at the state Luca was in. We are rocking the traditional village ways and experimenting using hay as mulch to try and keep some moisture around the plants. Unfortunately the plants aren’t looking too happy at present, but fingers crossed the perk up.

The Peaches are ripening on the trees and they taste magical, we have restrained ourselves but it is hard when you wander around and see so many peaches everywhere not to jump the fence and pick them. I’d hate to then be know at not only as the  ‘other foreign woman’ in the village but the ‘foreign fruit thief’. Although the wild blackberries on the side of the road are another matter, they are little sweet shiny gems ready for the plucking.



Gabby, Luca and I have been starting our days with a lovely walk in the morning winding up the hill through the gardens and then down through olive groves. We have been lucky enough to have a few cooler days and even rain which was a treat, but it looks like we are back into the heat again.


We have been on a couple of little adventures to check out the local surrounds, including a trip to a couple of towns along the coast in Albenga. In the heart is a beautiful old town with an amazing collection of various historical buildings.

It seems we are in full Sagra season now so enjoyed one on Saturday night and have a few more lined up for this weekend. The hardest part is choosing what to eat and not trying to have it all.


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