Laid back parenting

Before having Luca we made a decision to let him be independent, have boundaries and learn that there are repercussions for breaking these. I also think it is healthy to support a natural curiosity and interest in what is around you. 

I found myself being pleasantly amused the other day while watching him explore. I was in the bathroom putting on the daily face paint when Luca managed to pull and wrapped bar of soap out of the cupboard. I took it off him, told him he didn’t really want to play with that and put it away. He then opened the cupboard and took it back out with a very smug look on his face. I repeated the process and tried to distract him with something else but there was no changing this boys mind. So I figured it would be a fairly self limiting exercise and just watched him. 

He followed the usual process banging it on the ground, waving it around and then taste testing the wrapper. (Just to clarify this is goats and lavender soap, fairly harmless). He then proceeded to bite the wrapper off it. Perhaps it was for my own personal amusement, perhaps it was just to watch him learn, but I didn’t intervene, I just left him to it. 

Well he managed to eat the wrapper off and get down to the bar of soap. Although I did try a deter him from tasting that he was persistent to say the least. The end result, hilarious facials, a couple of bubbles, bits of soap spat out everywhere and a block that looks like it’s had a hard life already. 

Needless to say Luca has now learnt that soap and bumblebees are not good eating.  


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