In the fields

I think one of the things I miss the most about being over here is having my own home/garden to get stuck into. I thrive on seeing the results of my work.

So when the opportunity to help in the fields came up we were there. Admittedly helping with a one year old in tow probably isn’t actually classed as helping, but the kiwi in me knew what would. Pikelets and jam for smoko (ha translate that into Italian)

Needless to say we had a great time

IMG_6603This was half way through, we only stayed for a few rows. (Someone needs to learn how to walk and they won’t find the ground so scratchy.)


What amazed me is that the big ones are sorted into top grade, the small perfect tasty little gems we pay a fortune for at Christmas go into the rabbit feed crate. Lucky bunnies. Perhaps not, it is to fatten them.


Check, smoko perched in the shade of the grapes.


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