Just the two of us

You think I would be used to spending time by myself, or just with Luca. But there is something to be said about knowing you are alone in a foreign country. I’m not actually alone, Gabby and Matteo the two best neighbours anyone could ask for are just up the road, but they don’t share my bed or my house.

Justin has arrived into America safe and sound and will be there for the next month.  Luca and I dropped him in Nice and then took ourselves off on an adventure in the city. I am still getting used to driving in cities on the wrong side of the road but I felt comfortable, didn’t get lost and no crashes, so win win win.  I managed to find a park and was very pleasantly surprised when the lift from the car park popped out right in the middle of the market I was hoping to find. It was a gorgeous fruit and flower market and the smells were incredible. I also found the most amazing spice stand, it was terribly pretty.


Ok so this isn’t actually the market, I have a thing about taking really obvious photos in touristy places. I feel that as soon as I get my phone out I should also start shouting ‘IM NOT FROM AROUND HERE’.

Unfortunately I have come to realise that exploring Europe with a small fry in tow is very different to my previous independent wanderings. Gone are the days of getting up early and walking around Paris until I was lost to then get a taxi back to the hotel. Outings these days are far more regimented, it is about food, play and naps, plus who really wants to carry a baby for long periods of time in 34 degrees (it is not a pretty sight).  IMG_6549


After checking out the market and getting some fruit, we then took a gentle stroll along the promenade but again the heat was the limiting factor here, there was no room for the pushchair to come down with us as Justin had his bike and two gear bags which only just left enough room for the wee man.


Slightly windswept selfie


It was then the drive home to our empty house, I always have this crazy thing that as soon as Justin is gone I go into a cleaning frenzy. I’m not sure if it is a distraction technique or actually just that the packing leaves the house in a state. But regardless to say the house is shining, the floors have been mopped twice, bathroom scrubbed to within an inch of its life and all the linen washed. Needless to say I would take a not empty and slightly dirty house any day.

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