It’s a race baby

I should of learnt by now that the things that you worry about are never the things that eventuate, perhaps they don’t  because you have thought about them, anyway. I was so worried that Luca would still be sick for the weekend, not handle being in the pits for long periods of time, not sleep and be generally grumpy.

Ha, how wrong I was, this little champ took it all in his stride. The first two nights we were sharing a room with him but were pleasantly surprised by an 8am sleep in. First day of racing he slept in the car for 2 hours, through a thunder storm. (No good for Justin doing his run). Luca loved having everyone around and constant attention, he crawled around in the gravel getting himself into all sorts of states, played with tools, attempted to clean the tent with a bucket and brush and just generally had a great time.


Justin didn’t have the best weekend of racing but it was so good to be there and support him where we could. Check out the link to some pretty cool photos from the racing.,9191/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2 (check out slides 17 & 18)
We had the pleasure of catching up with some fellow Leov’s who were over on holiday and Luca loved seeing the two boys. He even waded in a near glacial stream to hang out with them, although he wasn’t so convinced to actually swim with Tom. 

Luca loved the racing, waiting at the finish line in sweltering heat on his mummy mule and getting to see Dad on the podium, despite finishing 12th for the weekend, Justin still retained the lead for the series.


Luca has already learnt how to keep his poker face under media scrutiny


Sweltering mummy mule


Luca even managed to assist with some interviews, although I am not sure how much assisting he was doing when attempting to eat the microphone.


Poor Justin then had to do the big drive home, and we rolled in around 2.30am. It has been a massive day of washing, unpacking, repacking and organising as he is out to America for three weeks tomorrow. Unfortunately we will miss him terribly but Luca and I plan to take ourselves out for lunch in Nice as a distraction.

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